Like every game, the gambling also has some of its own type of ethical values. Someone has very nicely put it up as the Ten Commandments of gambling. I would like to share it with you.If you enjoy watching sports games, and have good idea about them, you can invest in the games and win great from them by placing a bet on wsop online poker. You can bet on sports online and win great, form the comfort and convenience of you home in free time. There are plenty of sites that offer you betting in sports, but you need to be keen while choosing a poker app website.

1. Avoid cheating others.

2. Honor other’s claims if you are in debt like a gentleman. Be very particular if the debt relates to gambling debts. When you wager with someone remember that you are putting your honor also along with your bet. So as you lose you have got to pay. There cannot be scope of any excuse.

3. Be prepared to lose. Do not get mad when you lose. The casinos are built to amass profit through the house edge. Measure your loss with the entertainment and excitement you enjoy and remain peaceful. Else you lose the money along with your tranquility-a double loss.

4. You should keep faith on the odds rather than the hunches. In your effort to maximize the odds apply strategies that are proved mathematically, not hunches play casino card games. You must always remember that all hunches are bogus.

5. Do not over bet than permitted by your bank balance. Before you start gambling, find out the safe amount you can lose in wagering towards your enjoyment expenses. Be strong enough to stick to the wagering amount that is safe for you. Never use your money kept for domestic purposes.

6. Do not believe in betting system. Even if it is feasible, it requires many years of training, extra ordinary memory, expertise in numerical mathematics and visual efficiency. It is not your cup of tea. In spite of many temptations by numerous experts writing a lot about it, it is too good for us to practice.

7. It is not advisable to hedge your wager. These types of bets generally have high house edge.

8. Always follow good rules. The rules vary from casino to casino. Know your good rules of casinos over the bad ones.

9. Do not make side bets. Side bets are sucker bets.

10. You must maintain a good etiquette while gambling. You can make your gambling experience fun filled when you are polite and respectful to others.

Make a wise choice of site to Bet on Sports

If you enjoy watching sports games, and have good idea about them, you can invest in the games and win great from them by placing a bet on them. You can bet on sports online and win great, form the comfort and convenience of you home in free time. There are plenty of sites that offer you betting in sports, but you need to be keen while choosing a website.

You need to be quite careful while choosing a website, go for a genuine, reputable and registered site. Try to find out about the sites history, read the reviews and customers feedback to ensure that the site is genuine.

Genuine and reputable sites are safe and secure and offer the best deals, when you enter the keyword, you will find a huge number of sites offering you free money to register. Do not go with just the offers, make sure the site is licensed, there are many rouge sites that look similar to the genuine ones and offer similar offers too, and you can easily fall for them and end up losing all your bankroll. Hence it is important that you find a genuine site to bet on sports.

Another important point to ensure is that you choose those sites that support various modes of payments and withdrawals.

Try to get some information about the site thought the betting forums, and get some more information about you are planning to get associated with.

Go for the betting company that offersbetter and higher odds along with flexible betting options to suit different budgets.

Best South African Themed Slot Games

South Africa’s passion for online gambling is one of the rarest known trivia about the country, yet, the fact remains that this African nation is one of the largest gambling markets in the world.

The popularity of online casino games in South Africa can be clearly seen in the ever increasing number of online casinos that are starting to open their doors to the country, but also their game collections. Many casinos now offer slot games that draw their inspiration from the iconic landmarks of the country and the symbols most people associate it with.

The following slots are the key examples of this homage to the African nation, offering a combination of both great visuals as well as cash rewards. So, if you want to match your passion for casinos with your love for South Africa, check out these short reviews of the best SA-themed slots. And if you need more info on which casinos to try them in you can turn to for more casino resources.


African Skies

First on this list is African Skies, a 5-reeled slot game made by Philippine-based casino game designer Nuworks Interactive. Now, Nuworks might not be internationally famous as some leading casino software developers of today but they certainly know how to make great slot games.

The African Skies, just like most of NuWorks’ game portfolio, is a classic-looking slot that’s only spiced up by a progressive jackpot. Its 5 reels are full of native symbols, including animals, Zulu ornaments and tribes-people, and the savannah sunset.  And apart from the theme, African Skies also comes with the following specs:

  • 25 paylines;
  • 1 coin per line;
  • Coin size from 0.01 – 1;
  • Up to 15 free spins;
  • Progressive jackpot.


Legends of Africa

If you’re looking for a more modern design than African Skies, Legends of Africa might be just what you need. This modern five-reeler was designed by Chicago-based 2by2Gaming studio and it comes with a whole load of features that make it really addictive to play.

The best thing about Legends of Africa is the attention to details that went into making this game. From the animated background depicting an African sunset to the reel animations that make the animals charge to your win and the thematic audio, this slot is anything but average. Namely, this is your slot if you’re looking for:

  • Immersive gameplay;
  • Modern design;
  • 20 paylines;
  • 1-20 coins per line;
  • Maximum coin size 0.2
  • Jackpot of 500x.

Mega Moolah

If you’ve ever looked into an online casino, there’s no chance you haven’t stumbled upon Mega Moolah somewhere in the game collection. Made by one of the best game designers of today, Microgaming, and sporting a whopping jackpot pool, Mega Moolah is the game for those looking for a South African theme and plenty of cash.

Mega Moolah is a modern 5-reeler that draws its inspiration from the African savannahs. With reels full of African wildlife and accompanying engaging theme music, this slot is colorful and addictive, regardless if you’re a fan of animals or not. In a nutshell, what makes Mega Moolah great are the following highlights:

  • Fun gameplay;
  • 25 paylines;
  • 1-5 coins per line;
  • Part of Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive jackpot network;
  • Largest jackpot (Mega) starts seeding at $1 Million;
  • RTP of 94$.




Archibald Africa

Last on this list is another modern 5-reeled game made by Maltese game designers World Match. With great animations, fully immersive gameplay and unique visuals, this is the best slot for those who are looking for a South African theme, but minus the pictures of lions and rhinoceroses.

Where other games focus on the wildlife more, Archibald Africa focuses on the tribal culture instead. Instead of just showing snaps of animals on its 5-reels, the game adds a unique twist by replacing classic symbols with ornamental drawings. This, together with the dark atmosphere and catchy audio, is what makes this slot one of the best South African themed slot games.

Key highlights of Archibald Africa:

  • Unique take on the African theme;
  • Flawless game design;
  • 50 paylines;
  • 1 coin per line;
  • Bonus round where you’ll get to ride elephants;
  • Jackpot of 1500x.